Monday, September 6, 2010

Smoke signals lost in the fog


I'm McKenna Taylor, let me introduse my self to you. I am essenically an only child, most of my fundemental growing and life learned lessons happened during age 4-7.... recesse... class resumed at age 17 but we're release on my 18th birthday over the Atlantic. I use my left and right frontal lobe to read, physiologically speaking this is incorrect. Most things I say I wont mean tomorrow, take nothing to litterally or in a serious nature. Not to say I'm a liar, I just change my mind a lot. I can't take pictures anymore, I wish it was different, there are rare and few people I will let take pictures of me. I bloom in fall, hibrnate in winter, spring makes me giddy, I'm never quite right in summer. Something to do with the heat and impairing cognative thinking. I lost touch with nature and am trying to rekindle what we once had. Reading is a past time, a passion, a pleasure. Most don't believe that, I like it that way. I want to do everything, thus I haven't done much, I can't decide what corse of direction I should go since I want to take them all. Time is mean. If you can think of 5 things you undoubtedly know about me, your in the top 2% of indaviuals I care about & shall be keeping you indefinatly. If not, I'm sorry, you're someone to past time with, nothing personal. I'm a delusional realist. I still like cartoons and assosiate with children as to join in the fun. I'm inside my head far to much, far to much. Talking to myself is normal, especailly in the car. It's nice hands free devices are now required to talk on the phone while driving, I barely get any "looks" anymore. If you ask a prying question or something of substance or importance, I will usually lie to you. My Achilles heel will remain a secret. I know the exact design of the home I want to own one day, I like porches and stairs. Dreams are more than real to me, somethign to be listened to, I'm trying not to read into them as much(it isn't working). I belive in astrology, not so much horoscopes. I don't like color because it talks for you, I want to talk for myself. I wont be spell checking or editing any of this, I did use the 'backspace' button a number of times. Making plans ahead of times isn't important. I rarely say "no" to anything, I'm glad. I want to be adored and worshiped but at the same time ignored.

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