Sunday, December 19, 2010

I once dated Woody Allen. Naturally, it was a temporary arrangment

I need to re-connect with nature, to kindle my relationship with the great out doors once more. I have only been camping twice, but I do love to wander through the forest (Big Cotton Wood Canyon namely.) I need to go real camping, so I'm going to start preparing for such an event by owning an axe. Basically, all I want for Christmas is knifes and designer shoes.

obviously I'm going to need the carrying sling to accompany. There is something about all this I'm finding so attractive. You can't tell me this isn't wonderful, you'd be lying to your self and to me. My 1# pet peeve is lying, and telling falsehoods to a woman with an axe is a terrible idea.

I would also like the clever, and this first aid kit. It's all made in the USA and some day I will own this. The time frame of ownership is undetermined.

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