Wednesday, January 12, 2011

hookers & asprin could cure the world

Granted it was late, but a recant acquaintance said to me "I want to take you home,and put you in footie pajama's and feed you marshmallows." I have known this individual for 4 days. Later in the week footie Pajamas have been brought up again. This strikes worry and curiosity for the mention twice in 7 days. I have been asked to make said PJ's since it's quite a chore to find (I wont buy online, I don't trust sizing.)
So this bring me to now. Thinking about;
if we should match or have unique onesie's to fit our own personalities.
I feel a monogram is more that necessary.
Piping and a chest pocket and required.
Should we go juvenile and stick with 1950's Dick and Jane motif? Or be the sophisticates wandering the house in Adult footed sleepwear?

Thank goodness I'm going to Michel Levines on Friday to hunt fabric down. I am more so going there for fabric for my classical Ballerina garment I'm making. Yes, I am in a Tutu Design and Construction class. No, I can't dance. No, I don't know anyone who does. doesn't mean I'm not going to wear it around the house when no ones home.

Would anyone else like some footed sleepwear with your name on the chest? you can have a title if you would like. Sir, Lady, Lord, Dr., the list goes on.

I could do this, I could do this better.


  1. I already own 2 pairs of footie pajamas, but can I request a tutu? A girl can never have too many tutus.

  2. where did you get yours? did you buy online? and do you feel like your sufficating while wearing them. It's a concern of mine. once I master the art of tutu, I will share my gift with you.