Wednesday, May 20, 2009

amazingly sane

Stayed in tonight to watch my mind numbing television schedule... pathetic, it's a fact. Anyways, Steve-O was on TMZ and they were raggin on him, saying he lost his "mojo." Shhhyaa right! Get real, he's adorable. He's now ridiculously, cute sober. I even voted for him on dancing with the stars. (I Have never done that before, nor am I planning on doing so again, I cant stand stuff like that. I just couldn't help myself though.) Steve-O, you are fantastic, I solute you. Keep it up sugar.

Side note, I heart Pete Doherty as well. He's clean now as well, has great music, and dresses in Tom Ford. I couldn't be prouder.

Support these sweet boys please. I like them ohh so much, I wanna keep them around for a while.


  1. i love you and pete and steve-o.

  2. he's clean now? you're sorely mistaken. Are you in the tah still or have you retreated to the oc?