Monday, May 4, 2009

There's no place like home (proceed to click your heels multipule times)

I have moved home for the summer, and I couldn't' be happier. I have been away for two solid years. Can I tell you what a joy it is to be back? It's a absolute joy to be back. I had fun in high school, so I don't mind running into, not kidding, at least 30 people I know from then, with in the 5 day I have been here. Most people never escape San Clemente's grasp.... But I honestly don't blame them.

I'll raise my kids here, no doubt. SC is the perfect beach city. Most become extremely touristy, and over laden with trendy stores and restaurants to lure unsuspecting travelers into the coastal lifestyle. They trick you with TV shows based in there boundaries to make you think how great they are. But San Clemente has flown under the radar. "Good work solider, keep your head down and your hips low, well keep covered yet!" See we are close enough to everything that it isn't a hassle to get to such glamorous places, yet we don't have the burden of traffic and snobs. A sleepy, little, laid back town are we.

Who else can call this home? Maybe its because I have been gone so long, it's made me appreciate it even more. But seriously? COME ON! I hit the jack pot being able to grow up here.

But we have some perks. Beautiful men come to my stomping grounds in droves. Its a seasonal thing, but its as regular as the swallows at San Jaun (which by the way are just a hop skip and a jump away.) The beaches are world renown. especially Trestles. I have been there every day this week besides Sunday. A surf contest was happening all week, so that was cool, but contest are here all the time. Handsome young bucks from every nation, fly in for these things. pretty entertaining.

this is Testles, you can see why people come here right?

nothing bad could ever happen here.

This shall be a grand summer indeed. If you don't know yet, your missing out my friend, and my heart aches for your loss.

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  1. i agree and am insanely jealous of you. i've always thought you san clemente kids don't know how good you have it. but i don't know, maybe after your visit to the luxurious tri-cities, you won't find southern california so appealing after all. WE HAVE STURGEON, DAMMIT. BEAT THAT.