Saturday, June 27, 2009

I have needs too, ya know

So one told me I seemed "dull" now, that I have "lost my fire." To that sir, you are a moron. I am in no way bland, plain, typical, or any other non descript adjective. I prefer understated, if you will. Enough of that, on to my point...

I consider my self low maintenance, easy to please. I am in dire need of one thing and one thing only. This has been mulling around in the back of my mind for a copious amount of time. I can not go on any longer. I MUST, MUST go to the Zoo.

I have a yearning desire to gawk aimlessly at enclosed animals. Staring at these sad, entrapped creatures is my life's immediate goal. Can no one understand the haunting need I have everyday to do said things? I want to bask in these living statues behind glass panes. Study them until I can take no more ramblings from other patrons, guides, employs of the zoo, or who ever I convince into attending with me. Something about gazing at a life behind bars is captivating, probably why I like Oz, Let's go to Jail, Escape from Alcatraz and that show on Bravo about incarcerated men and the inner workings of such facilities. Prison is fascinating, and if I can go somewhere like it, a sudo-prison of the animal kingdom, then try to stop me.

Look forward to a post about my adventures at the Zoo soon. It's happening, trust me.

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