Sunday, June 28, 2009

webcam tragedy

Comes to my attention that there are two tragedies that have happened.

First off lets start with the most recant. Happened about 45 seconds ago. I was going to *title this " Webcam Tragity." when it didn't seem to look right I tried "Webcam Tragicty." This to didn't feel correct (go figure). So being lazy and not wanting to work on sounding it out anymore I looked it up on *Google how to *spell it. Tragedy, by all means did not look right, I thought for certain that I was closer with Tragity. so then I *proceeded to look it up on, I was there for convinced that this was the true spelling of the word.

On to the show! Next tragic event that has taken place is that I have figured out I have a webcam. 1. I have have this *computer for over 6 months 2. I'm positive it will be added to the list of thing that consume my time 3. I had to take the "easy walk-through" course for the program twice. Here are the *gems from my discovery.

Proud that it worked and I can skip taking the "How to" course a *third time.

Trying, that's all I can say. It hurts me too. Did I mention this is the *maiden *voyage of my black, Kate Spade reading glasses.

Some could say, technology and me aren't on good terms.

*Costume change, notice the upside-down, baby blue Hello Kitty bow.

Ample viewing of *novelty bow which in fact is still upside-down. Idiot.

My dentist says I am a "*tongue thruster," thus *having to wear my retainer for the rest of my life. The cause is that my *tongue is just a wee to big for my mouth. I have to stop myself from doing this in all pictures.

And scene.

What else did I do to waste my time today, you could wonder. I organized my clippings, took a shower, made rice, wrote a letter, thought about cleaning and added pictures to the post 2 below this one.

FOOT NOTE- all the things with stars * next to them are things I spelled *incorrectly. This list is missing about ten to twelve other words but I'm not positive if those were contributed to my poor typing. I can read *proficiently though, just can't make the turn around.


  1. thanks for starring all of the misspelled words but not correcting them. you are loved.

  2. aww the worest part about that is that I did correct them. Apperantly incorrectaly. so the runnign tally is 3 failures for one post, impresive.