Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Harvie who?

I spent a day by myself in my future, by future I mean next week or so, apartment last week. I watched about 3 hours of Sundance Channel. The Marc Jacobs Documentary was on (even though I have seen it twice, and still convinced me and Marc would make a smashing duo,) and a clamation short came on. Harvie Krumpet is a unlucky nudist in a nutshell. This short won the Academy Award for Animated Short Film in 2003. I feel the need for everyone to see it at least once. I was caught of guard by this slate-colored, polish immigrant, and delighted that he came for a visit to invade my gray matter. I also have come to acknowledge the fact that I relate to this unfortunate fellow, for he loves fact and can not spell, such as I.

Full Length Feature Film:

When not familiar with Thalidomide babys, I looked it up via the interweb. Apparently it was the wonder drug of the 40's and late 50's, and speculatively was created by the Nazis as a cure to nerve gas effect, then marketed as a cure all, yet has sever birth defects when taken for morning sickness. the disclaimer at the top of the page caught my eye.

This article is about the drug. For the musical about a person with Thalidomide disability, see Thalidomide!! A Musical

I hope Thalidomide!! A Musical is currently a running show on Broadway.

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