Thursday, October 15, 2009

Like a Real Woman

I was speaking to my cousin on the phone yesturday. She just moved back to the states after living in Europe for nearing 10 years, and we are trying to creat a rendezvous to have a grand reuion. She is 25 and is ultimatly one of my favorite persons.

Brit: Hey hoser, what ya up too?
Kenn: Oh ya know, just at the grocery store shopping, like an adult.
Brit: (laugher).....I like how you needed to define the activity and being "adult."
Kenn: This is a new world for me, I need validation on my coming of age.
Brit: It's ok, I mowed the lawn today, like a home owner.

Brittney is in fact a squatter, not an actual home owner. If I had a home, I would want praise for mowing the lawn as well.

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