Monday, October 26, 2009

refined insanity

I awoke at 1 pm. If I, perchance, woke even 2 hours earlier, I could be the owner of a fabulous, handmade, leather mask. I need a male counterpart to wear them for me and strut around the house in his finest suit. I naturally would be wearing my Vintage Kimono, or a breathtaking antique ball gown/ 1920's cocktail dress with a sweater over the top, to make it more casual for everyday house-wear. We could watch documentaries, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, or maybe a classic foreign film.(I can picture it and it is divine).
The correlation between my coma-like slumber and being incapable of living my dreams, is alarming. Something will be done to remedy the situation. I shall never miss and opportunity such as this, again. I did enjoy the pictures so much, I stole them to show you how stunning they truly were. My favorite was the Lucifer, and it was on sale for 325$ to 80$! If only I wasn't in need of some much beauty sleep, I could have made this happen.

How could you not fall head over heels for a gentleman such as this? You just can't resist that allure.

I must acquire the facade of Beelzebub

For 30 bones and next day free shipping, you would be beating your self up that same as I.

More men should adopt this stance and ambiance.

Dreamy, yes?

This one tipped the scales at a whopping 340$, but I love it so.

Entire outfit total= 125$ bargain shopper, now if I wasn't narcoleptic this could have really worked out in my favor.

so many more, but these were the cream of the crop

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