Sunday, October 18, 2009

Clearly, I Have No Time For You.

"Time is a precious thing, never waste it."
- Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory 1971.

Ain't that the truth. Well, I now resided in the heart of a thriving metropolis and things are really on the up swing. I don't have much time for nonsense anymore. I'm a career woman striving to become a funcioning member of high society. It's working out in my favor. This is 24 hours with McKenna Taylor.


-Wake up to alarm, 7:30 am, hit snooze.

-Woken again in 5 minute intervals till 8:00 am.

-Wake up to 2nd alarm at 8:15, hit snooze.

-Got to work by 8:30, discovered shanty town 8:32. Homeless people took over the Spa's parking lot and set up a small village.
Artist Rendition:

-Called the cops on squatters. Watched one guy book it to 7-11, and made the homeless woman tear down there makeshift town and throw away all their blankets in our dumpster. Don't worry, she strategically left her Albertson's shopping cart next to the dumpster and came back and got most of it. Honestly, there were probably 9 huge comforters, a tarp, 4 sleeping bags, and a huge piece of plywood, plus one dog. They set up shop.

-Worked from 8:30-2pm.

-4:00 pm, mailed birthday greetings to a friend, yes it is a Steven Hawking postcard. & no, I truly don't know this person that we'll, I feel like it will be appreciated anyways.

- On the way home I was stopped at a red light and saw the following event; School bus stops. students get off bus including two girls, no older than 15 with CARSEATS. They took their BABIES TO SCHOOL. If you look close enough to exhibit #C, the girl in the purple to the right of the bus and the girl in the black directly to the left, both are holding infants, and I am an eye witness.
Exhibit #C

- Ran more various errands, including buying two birthday presents for upcoming birthdays.

- Got home, made a sandwich, turned on music, came to terms with my actual problem and struggle, with being a, so called, "hoarder." I hoard clippings, this was my attempt to get this serious hazard to my life, in control. ETA 6ish.

You cant see that the clippings covers the entire, next room. I have a problem.

- Went with Boss girls and Jonah to gallery stroll 8:00.

- Went to Red Rock Brewery to eat with Boss's Friend Trent, twas a grand time. We all walked back to my humble abode.

- Watched the motion picture Cry Baby staring Johnny Depp. Superb. Consumed Baby Banana Bites, yes I named of that because I made them, and they were scrumptious.

Favorite Depp movie.

- Lovely company left around 2 am.

- Caught up on my Hulu, by watching It's Always Sunny in Phillidelpia, and Community, and Glee,and viewed the Natalie Portman Rap.

- Sleep at 3:20, roughly.

In conclusion, my life is on the fast track. I can't be toying around, my time is to far to valuable to be bothered with frivolities anymore.

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