Friday, October 30, 2009

How to spend your free time, a learners course.

Today I decided to make a Boston "Scream" Pie. I hate the name, but I acknowledge the fact they were trying to use cleaver word play in loo of the upcoming, Halloween. It was also in fact a cake, not a pie.

I choose to make this for a number of reasons...

1) My mother is coming in town and she makes me treats when I come back to the nest, I can only return the favor.
2) Make my mother see how much I really need a cake plate to properly display my creation.
3) Baking relaxes me, and I feel as if I accomplished something in the end. It is instant gratification, the only kind there should be.
4) I got a incredible idea of writing/ draw something in white chocolate in the frosting. I looked all day for a flat glazed cake recipe and this is the one I stumbled upon.

My new oven creates a bit of a challenge. It doesn't cook evenly, and by even I mean, the sides of your food will be burned yet the middle isn't even warmed yet. It also cooks about 75 degrees hotter than set too. if it says it should be done in 15 to 20 minutes, it is on fire in 7. i set the smoke-alarm off nearly every other day.

Clearly, for such an ambitious dessert, I could not dilly dally with a bipolar oven on the fritz. I went to the Yuma house and took all my supplies there to finish the job. Valorie, a resident of the Yuma house, and long time Picasso, offered to help me in my efforts to come up with something really great to doodle onto my cake. "Lets put your face on it."-Valorie Boss. She was absolutely right, nothing says "Welcome to my new adult lifestyle mum," than a cake with your own image in the frosting.

So that's what we did. Val sketched me out, and put it into frosting. It was perfect. I had never been so happy, and so grateful for her gift of the arts. Truly she is the master of mediums.

End Result:

Every time I open the frig I chuckle. I really do need a cakplate. this shouldn't be hidden from the world.

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  1. oh how i wish i lived in slc and was closer to you all. i miss you.