Sunday, November 1, 2009

All Hallows Eve

So I did not celebrate Halloween in the typical style. Mum dropped by for a 72 hour visit so we did the classy thing to do on the witching night.... Went to the Symphony for Tchaikovsky's "Pathetic"(thank you Kaeleigh and Seany Kingston?) then to Village Inn for food and a diagnoses with the cast of House MD at mid-night. It was a grand time had by all. View Picture book for highlights, we are not picture people, so there are few picture to even show.

Mother receiving her "welcoming gift basket." Not the best picture of either, kinda caught off guard and greasy. "Aww, its a Ken Cake"- Mother

Gifts from far off distant lands. Hudson gave me a Domo Doll, he thought I was lonely, charming boy. Mom brought me a bag of Oats ("I felt like I had a Kilo or a brick of something in my bag and kept worrying they were gonna ask me about it"-quote from mother about getting the Oats through security) and Sylvia Plath book. My loving Father got me a Michigan Tee shirt from his work travels, thank you papa.

"I can't wait to get old enough when I can get away with being insanely eclectic."- Mother

Mom in my room, myspace "Look at me playing the acordian!We could have an act"-Mother

We lost the one of ma dressed up like Stevie Wonder, damn shame. "I'm not going to hold that curtian rod, you can't make me."-Mother

I don't think we look anything alike. "She was so attractive in her photos, I would have never guessed it was the same cute girl."-Mother

"Oh yeah, thats because of the incident at Target, that really had some mental scaring"-Mother

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