Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Things I would tell you

Comic Con is sold out. Someday I will attend, someday.
PBS has a series called CIRCUS that is debuting in November. It's about multi-generational circus families.
I finished my dress and love it. It's a Holiday dress, so it's debut is going to postpone till an appropriate venue and season has arrived.
A job, that I didn't apply for, materialized and fell into my lap today. I start training Thursday.
Socializing really takes it out of me. Thus my cause for voiding such situations. But I did meet some absolute charming people as of late.
Can't decided what major to declare. But I feel if I get business cards made in which my job title is described as "Renaissances Woman," I'll go far.
Elvis made 31 movies in his film career. I have seen 7 of them, by the end of this year I will have viewed them all. This is my goal.
I got some more literary material via the postal service.
I want to go to the Viva la Revolución exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art in SD.
I found the house I want to live in by 204's. I just need someone to move there with me.

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