Thursday, July 1, 2010

"I'm not looking for a New England"

Thanks for that one Billy Bragg.

I had a wonderful time in New England. I was my first of hopefully many excursions to the east.
It was mostly a Boston trip, my cousin Brit got hitched and I was so graciously invited to be in her line. When not partying with the family in honor of love, sight seeing was the activity of choice. I got to hit up the Boston Museum of Fine Art, swung by Old North Church, then the harbor, wandered through the Quincy Market place, and kicked it with the locals on Hanover St. When I professed a dying urgency for lobster and ice cream, Greg responded appropriately.
I was promptly taken to Maine for the 'real deal.' It's kinda bizarre you can be in a different state in less than an hour, but so happy that it was possible. Kennebunkport and Gooserock were cool little towns that must absolutely die in the winter time, but completely ideal in the summer.
The Highlight and the one "must do" on my list was make the trek to Walden Pond. Totally depressing. Henry would be spinning in his grave if he saw the conditions as they were. One look and the conjured images of the movie Meatballs flooded my mind. Have you seen the movie Meatballs(1979)? Bill Murray? Yes? No? It is a far cry from serenity.

That is exactly what has happened, it's a local watering hole complete with inflatable slides and embarrassing cretins dawning aqua-socks. it was all very sad. but the Pond, which is more like a sizeable lake, was beautiful. Of course, Sleepy Hollow was next. I loves me a cemetery, especially one with multiple famous authors oddly buried along one ridge. swung by Emerson House, and the Orchard house. Did the Freedom trail thing and Battle Greene. The rest is just a blur, but those were some of the majors.

I really enjoyed myself over there, I have been invited to DC and I'm in pursuit of some affordable tickets to do just that.

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