Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Points of interest.

Some one called me, and as all conversations go, it went something to the effect of:
"Hey, what ya doing?"
"ohhh, nothing."

Nothing is a default. I'm never not doing anything. I mostly just don't want to go into detail as to the activity at hand. Plus, I am more interested in why I was granted the pleasure of a call. During the conversation previously mentioned, I was shredding an encyclopedia in a paper shredder for an undisclosed project.
Maybe I was embarrassed by my private interest, but that's just the kinda stuff I'm into. I am not as dull as I lead on. I will repeat that sentiment to myself until it rings true.

in the last two week or so I:
went to LA Farmers Market. Road an Asian Elephant named Kitty. Made a fabulous dinner for me and a few choice guest. Orchestrated and transported two motorcycles. Viewed quite a few shows. Was in a wedding(my forth.) Made it to San Diego twice in one day. Went to my first State Fair. Talked my way out of yet another ticket. Visited a handful of museums. Cleaned a carburetor all by myself. Explored the Eastern seaside. Started writing notes of secret things in shorthand. Bonded with the boy. Finished 4 books. Did some more altering. hunted in the Fashion District for fabric. climbed a mountain. Averted near death, once again. Jumped off some rocks into the ocean.

I wish we were friends.

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