Sunday, June 20, 2010

Subtle hints towards an eviction notice.

Shanna: (walking in through the door) We found you a house to move into.
Moi: Are you kicking me out?
Shanna: I wouldn't say that, but if you get 2 room mates it would be perfect.
Moi: But are you asking my too leave?
Shanna: It's two blocks up from PCH in Laguna by the hospital and 10th, really adorable and you guys could spilt the rent. You should do it!
Moi: Clearly your not going to answer my question.

It would be nice if I would actually do it, to find roommates and move to Laguna Beach. But frankly, I don't want roommates. There are few I would agree to live with, with age comes 'pick-y-ness'. Preferably I don't want roommates at all "A house (room) of ones own." Apparently I was spoiled in my last residence and refuses to revert to labeling my food, and separating my DVD's. Plus, there is no easy access to a freeway, PCH is a nightmare being a two lane highway. San Clemente is ideal, I think I'll be stickin around these parts indefinitely.

Thanks for making me feel welcome family.

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