Thursday, October 14, 2010

"I can tell you're not completely normal."

My professor said that to me, still not sure as to what prompted this statement.
This is my to do list.

- Buy cyan color silk, 2 yards (color could change)
- Bonsai tree
- Gold embellishments (trim, tassels, odds and ends)
- Space helmet
- lace
- Potting soil
- find a GOOD bakery with in 10 miles
- Clean my room (well enough to see 75% of the floor, I'm a realist)
- Hem some suits (I took a recess)
- Make 16 paper hats

This is shorthand. I am still in the process of mastering through the help of my GREGG text book, circa 1954


  1. what you making with that yarn there?

  2. I'm in a milinary hat making class, and it's for my buckram project. I'll post pictures when she's done. (if it comes out satisfactory)