Monday, October 25, 2010

i'll kill you yet.

The plane ride most indeed made me sick. I don't want to go to bed because I'll scared about waking up in a worse condition. Hectic tomorrow, I need to be preforming at optimal efficiency.
Happy Birthday Judy Jetson! I love your fur coat. (yep I am not apart of PETA, sorry.)
Met Denis Rodman, he thinks I'm great. He told me. He has great taste, I say this because he liked my full length leopard dress. we had a very Parisian farewell, two kisses on the cheek. hugs and goodbye's while you get on separate airplanes to different parts of the country. If he was someone I cared about, it seems like makings of a very emotional parting... good thing I have no emotions to trifle with.
January is looking promising, looking forward to, looking good.
I didn't dream for about a month. Strange how the calender lined up.

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