Sunday, February 21, 2010

Grace, Refinement, Poise, McKenna Taylor

My girlish dreams shall come to reality. I shall be a mediocre Ballerina at last. I have recently watched the kooky 1948 film "The Red Shoes" and have been inspired to sing up for a beginners class.

I like there costumes, and I am as uncoordinated as a hopscotching Clydesdale. My hopes are to become as a floating dove, landing effortlessly with ever leap and Pilate. I'm hopeful.
This also gives my more of a reason to wonder into dance stores and want to try on tutus, and buy pastel ballet slippers.

I'm starting simple, I need a foundation. my course of action is to sing up for the ballet pilaties fusion class at the Dana Point Community center. then work my way to an actual beginners class.

Trust me, its happening.

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