Sunday, February 21, 2010

hooked me a man

With Ballet, comes a new and expected yearning. The desire to be a Ballroom dancer. Nama (my grandmother that has come to live with us, and who I soully tend too. I'm going to start a daily "Nama Quote") refuses to watch the luge, bob sled, or skeleton durring the Olymics because,
"it helps no one and its a stupid sport that makes me nervous and mad at the same time!"
she is 95 years old, 96 this October. So I appeased her... sorta. I flipped to professional ballroom dancing, thinking to myself
"she has no problem with figure skating outfits, its the exact same thing. Though she did think that half the men; namely Johnny Wier, were woman."

Nama had quite a different reaction than anticipated.
"Inapporiate! She might as well be naked! GHASTLY!!!!! this is offensive!! How are they aloud to put these pornographic woman on Television?! Well I never! I'm going to be writing this station a letter. I like the color of her dress, but that's all!!"
I found an alternate calling to feel the void in my life. Ballroom dance classes. I even found myself a partner, with absolutely no hesitation. Christian Patrick Douglass (featured below with animal) is more than willing to give of his time and efforts to the art and passion that is Introduction to Ballroom.

Sir Gringle the I & Lord Iggy the II

I couldn't be more pleased at the moment. I really couldn't

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