Monday, March 8, 2010

fancy foul

An infatuation with the Bower Bird has entranced me for some time now. The men build actual shelters and decorate them to seduce a lady friend to get to "know" each other better; biblically. you will not regret watching an excerpt from BBC's David Attenborough, explaining natures wonder in home decor, the bower bird.

it just shows how beautiful and vain mother nature really is. what a gold digger.

Known for his adventurous spirit, Byron has choosen a bold color palet for the season. Cobalt is this years "it" shade. A modest house can become a magnifisant home, with just a few expertly placed accents. But nobody needs to tell him this, clearly he knows what he's doing.

Marcus took a road less traveled, but not suprisingly has made it work to his advantage. The long entrance-way eludes to grand halls of Versailles. the high vaulted ceillings, and spaceous corridors have made this humble abode the talk of the town.

Industrial revolution meets Wigwam of the Apache. two unlikely mediums, complement one another to create an inviting home any gal would be proud to call her own. we solute you Marcus.

Harold, going for a beach themed bungalow, will be tempting the pray with an assortment of sea shells, indigenous flowers and, if I'm not mistaken, an aged bone of an unknown origin.

See how Willard has channeled his lust for simplicity with a minimalist flare? It's an absolutely charming plot of land. Any Little birdie would be lucky to have a man with such a keen eye for arrangement and color.

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