Friday, March 12, 2010

monetary things to give pleasure

I have a list of things to own in the future. or another way to put it is, to posses as an adult to prove i have refined taste and have been not a complete failure in the real world. this is quite a collective of items, bare with me. I have already acquire my typewriter though, so that has been marked off.

Hygiene is a a major concern in my book, referring to my vain choice of profession, it is all to important to be well kept. Now thinking of it, that might actually be true. I need a clawfooted bathtub. That's the trophy piece that says "your classy and semi successful. have a nice soak to celebrate."

I received my first type writer this year, and im positively elated. I feel a mass collection of these primitive machines is in my future. this is almost identical to the one i have, yet mine came in a case and you can see the type set organized in a circular pattern. shes a beaut, and a bit better if you ask me. but why is it i dream up things that dreamers can only dream. I would prefer a mauve colored typewriter ribbon, instead of the only two colors available, red and black. I shall purchase my stationary that i have wanted for years, (featured below,) and the ink in my Remington will be mauve/blue/emerald green. black, is too predictable.

I still really want my skateboard. and I had a dream where I had a halfpipe in my backyard and all the children were having a jolly good time. in all honesty, i can go straight on a skateboard, sometimes turn. but If i had this little lady, i would be much more inclined to improve my skills.

if you cant see the picture, this is the picture it is normally. I question why the trucks would good right over her face, someone didn't give this a lot of thought. and yes, i still haven't addressed my questionable love/ obsession with 1950's pin-up's, because there is nothing to address. it is completely acceptable, and not at all in need of questioning.

for some unknown reason i have always wanted my very own neon sign. I also want to go meander through the neon boneyard in las vegas. if and when I own my bakery/ salon/ flower shop/ or other various hobbies i enjoy and make money off of, I will have a art deco neon sign of some sort. if that doesn't pan out i'll just have it somewhere tucked away in my home. I know this one is in a circus like font, but i like it all the same.

A proud and eclectic library is a must have.

i love ladders and curtains
I really love it when people hang framed pictures in front of the bookshelf as well. and I like a medley of things on said self, not just literature but trinkets and such.

There is quite a bit more on this list of mine, but those are surprises and secrets.

I don't like nice cars, i rarely wear jewelry, and I never want a home over 1300 square feet. I'm a simple woman, with clearly simple needs.


  1. I don't know if this link will work, but Urban Outfitters has some of those big marquee letters. I, too, covet them.,+product.marketingPriority,-product.startDate&navCount=210&navAction=poppushpush&color=&pushId=A_FURN_WALL&popId=APARTMENT_FURNISH&prepushId=&selectedProductSize=

  2. Sara, im picking up what your laying down. I hunted it down on the website, I need to invest in some masive sized lettering. but what to spell?