Thursday, March 25, 2010

& Sold

Another major point on my travel list of "must." go to Spain to wander the halls of Dali. I need some one to agree to go with me at the end of may/ june. i priced tickets, and its do-able.
Shanna's never ending fear that I will get snatched up by woman trafficking fiends, is a bit of a hurdle. when proposed with the idea Dr. Kaeleigh & I would bike the coast from Bruges, to Amsterdam for our birthdays, this was basically her only concern. "if a guy was going with you that's a different story, but not two girls alone." still confused by that comment, we seeked for a remedy. trying to enlist Jonah Crowley to be our chaperon we were hopeful. he didn't believe we were serious, thus refusing to offer assistance. The idea was scrapped. But maybe a more probable excursion will come to fruition.

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