Monday, March 15, 2010

Restless intervoles

I sat at a train station for near an hour today. I keep thinking to my self, i'll get on the next one. I was planning on just going to LA for the day, or something like that. I might of just had an urge to ride the train. I can't tell you how close i was to buying a ticket to ride. It was really close. This is my warning sign that screams I need to go on another vacation. As I have charted my times of restlessness, which i have not, I have deduced that about every 15 to 21 days I need to escape for a mental health vacation.
I traveled to Utah for a weekend of bliss with the boss-syths but that was at the end of February. my biological clock is telling me in due for another excursion. I love to travel, and I used to often. this drought of perfect weather and beautiful scenery needs to changed up a bit. I get anxious and drive around at inappropriate times of night, by myself. I read out loud in an unexplainable English accent (a poor one might i add). so who's with me? who would like to go on an adventure? I'm a lovely travel companion and don't believe in schedules, i just like to wing it. so if you need some one to join you for a journey of a life time. I got time, I got the cash, parentals have all ready relinquished me of my care giving duties, so im set. now i just need a place to go.

All applicants and suggestions welcome

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