Friday, March 26, 2010

Season's & their relation to decades.

Having an out-of-wack biological time clock, is quiet interesting. I dont sleep till 4 am, yet wake at nine, for rounding and hour, then fall back asleep till 11:30ish. then i get uncomfortably warm, since the skylight sun hits me and refuses to give me the darkness i request to slumber.
Season are another game entirely. I will be so bold as to diagnose myself as having S.A.D.

Winter are my hibernation months, i scarcely go out, make a plethora of baked goods, and take numerous baths consecutively, possibly more than one a day. communication via telephone- its non existent. thank goodness my hometown motto boast "the best climate in the world." basically season less. spring, summer, and then fall for the winter months. those are long gone. now, i have emerger from the cacoon of solitude, streching forth the wings of spring.

I found i relate to certain eras dependant on our currant calender:

Spring- 1960's almost exclusively. sometimes Paris, 1990. spring is what we are currently in now, and im loving it.

Summer- the Au Natural movement of the 1970's and the mid 90's. Not to be mistaken for hippie garbage or grunge, i loath hemp and tiedye moo moos. natural face make up, jeans, and a white tee shirt. If i need to dress up for something a bit, i channel my 1920's English country side. think Gatsby's, with an English flair.
*Summer is tricky and needed some explaining

I thought this cute and appropriate. i started my netflixs trail last night, and "who are you polly maggoo?" will be in my hands tomorrow. I have wanted to see this 1966 Soto mockumentary for eons, but its 43$ plus shipping on Amazon, not going to buy something i dont love. edie has nothing to do with the movie. i just like this.

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