Friday, March 12, 2010

New lifestyle happenings

"Youth is Wasted on the young."

Aint that the truth.
I am a feeble old hag now. I listen to Bach on repeat for the entirety of the day. some people around here think Beethoven was pompous, and refuses to listen to French dinner music, so Bach it is. I wear hostess aprons about the house, all hours of the day. (if you are not fimilar with hostess aprons, refer to the bottom of the page.) I also have been wearing more sensible shoes. this is shocking to even me, since i prefer heels to mask my Pygmy-compairable size. I bought a gorgeous pair of L.A.M.B.'s three weeks ago, yet have not worn them once. I keep telling myself its because i am waiting for the right venue to take them out for the test run, but that's not true. I have picked up the fine art of hand embellished baby blankets. I "pico," "single stitch" and "shell" the edges of really sophisticated baby blankets. let me tell you, they are looking pretty good. for the meer fact i am not in any way expecting, its just something to pass the time. I have gone to the movies twice, by myself, and i like it. that should be a red flag shouldn't it? it should cause some concern, correct? I am addicted to the TCM movie channel, and go to a book club with woman 3 times my age. by the way, the last book we read for it was called "two old woman," and it was terrible. thank goodness we drove to Irvine to hunt down this out of print book, the plus side was that it was only 119 pages long. i didn't waste a whole lot of time, tops two and a half hours. what has happened to me? I remember not to long ago I did interesting, things, I was on my "A" game of cultural events and celebrations. I was a mover and a shaker. apparently the sunset on those days, a new dawn has arrived. one that hauntingly resembles the plot line of the movie Groundhog Day.

hostess aprons pictured above.

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