Sunday, February 21, 2010

treasured relics from the past.

Stumbled upon this jem, Shanna Taylor is my mother.
*please click on the picture to enlarge. my scanner is broken, and have attemped to "Magiver" this.

She recieved $12.00 in the mail following this complaint. She also wrote to a number of toy manufatures about the sexist and deiscriminatory attitude regarding my play things. Specifically Mattel Midevil Castel Set (featuring the gold army and the black army). There was no queen included, and my mother was the first to write about it. The next year a queen was most certainly inculeded. yet we did not buy this revamped and politicaly corrected, dark-ages sceene, the damage was done. We never bought something from them again.

A Short List of Boycotts Thanks to Shanna

Mattel & Co.
Hooters Resturant
Chili's Grill & Bar Resturant
McDonald's (and all other affliates)

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