Friday, March 27, 2009


I have a an increasing obsession/ love with shoes. Not just your run of the mill, fancy pair of heels, or even Chuck Taylors in a limited addition color. I love all shoes and I feel like its getting out of hand.

I feel my wardrobe is... classic. I have unique pieces and all, but some would take classic for boring, unimaginative even. Loud colors, patterns, and prints are just not my style. Even to go out dancing, when everyone is in neon spandex and amazing technicolored dream coats, I almost always stick with black, white, gray, and if I'm feeling extra saucy, red. Rarely do I differ from this mono-toned spectrum. But it's working for me.

Now, my colorless closet doesn't really fit my personality. Let me take a second to toot my own horn, but I'm highly opinionated, witty, eclectic, and inappropriate (to say the least.) How did I end up so void of tint or hue? Simply, shoes.

Shoes are my outlet. My ma gave me a letter right before I left the nest. Besides being filled with sentiments of love and anguish because her favorite daughter was flying away, there was a paragraph of warning and heed. The words of wisdom went something to the effect of "....don't go to 7-11's after midnight, there are 750 calories in a single piece of Costco pizza, and never spend your grocery money on shoes."

Well, live and learn. Guilty of doing all of thee above, in fact im a repeat offeneder.

My dearest friend Rachael comes over on an average of 2 to 3 times a week to help me shed this Pillsbury Doughboy look, that I got going on. (he's luminescent white and very squishy.) Rachael is a personal trainer and a class instructor for Les Mills, so I feel like I have got a shot for swimsuit season this year. So 2 nights ago she came over rockin some Nike Dunks. That was the end of it. I have seen her wear them before but this time is was different. So now I am on the hunt.

I have wanted high top Chucks forever, but I could never bring my self to get them. I have a height issue, Being 5'1 its an extremely tricky task. I spent roughly 1.5 hours last night creating a custom pair of dunks on But now I have found them. The ultimate pair of high tops that I would kill to have.... they are made by ASH, go figure, and they are my dream.

"Vigo" Mixed Media High-Top Sneakers

"Venus" Perforated Hi-Top Sneakers.

I heart these, and am considering blowing off my bodies necessity to feed, to have them.

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