Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm a sucker for a good conspiracy

Ever since I was a wee lass, I have loved conspiracy theory's. Not that I fully ever believe them, but there just to fun to ignore. The invention of Youtube, has made this even easier for me to feed my need to know the "unknown truth" about Humanity. Obviously the History Channel and the Discovery Channel are on the top 5 list of TV stations. There up there with Arrested Development, House MD, Gossip Girl and 30 Rock. (I'm aware that make 6, but no one would say top 6, get real)

When I was a youngin we had four, tops seven, TV stations, and one was good ol' PBS. I can trace back to these developing days and know this is when it all began. I watched a whole 2 hours on Yettie's and Sasquatches and thus explained to all my friends at church that Big Foot was actually Kane, or one of the people who hold the Guinness Book of world records for begging the hairiest man in the world, not the missing link. Then I watched one on Crop Circles. I conclude, after begging fully educated in the field by my public station friends, that this was a matter of fact... they did exist. I insisted to my parents we go and visit my uncle and cousin farm. I never did tell them why I wanted to go so badly, but I pestered them for years about it. I was a very secretive child. When we Finally did go, I got chased by wild dogs on a quad, made home made ice cream (tutti Fruitti no less), and went "ditch swimmin." In were, we swam fully clothed, or at least in big T Shirts in the irrigation ditches. I also saw multitudes of spawn from the "Pharaoh Cat family." Clearly I got distracted by this rural playground of sorts, and did not have time to conduct my in dept investigation of said circles, can you blame me though? Ditch swimmin was on the agenda!

I even started coming up with my own theory's and was good at it. I conceived plots of why and how, fool proof evidence would be collected, and I knew I was never wrong. I watch a program on Australia, in which they discussed the wild dog problem with Dingos. I in turn, reveled it to my next door neighbors that he, in fact, was the owner of a wild Dingo and in the near future Oakley's dog would stop playing so "nice" and revert back to his bush ways. If I remember correctly, he was crying when I was done exposing the truth. When I gave my closing arguments of my case "This all happened because you got your bike stolen. Your parents are trying to teaching you a lesson to lock it in the garage like they told you. They said you got the Dog to make you feel better about not having a bike... We'll now we know the truth don't we." In my defence, his dog looked identical to a Dingo. Even my parents admitted that.

It's true, I was a fabricator of lies... and I was good at it. Now I have moved on to more sophisticated matters, no more armature hour, now we are in the big show. Here is just a small list that fascinates me, and has my scouring the interweb for answers.

Oak Island (The Money Pit)



Bohemian Club/ Grove

USO (no not the United Service Organisation, Unidentified Submerged Objects)


The 2012 Theory

The Hollow Earth theory (this is the dumbest one, but this guy is convinced its real, its hysterical)

oh and many more, to many more.

But lets go to Oak Island. It my favorite.

I lay in my bed, almost on a weekly basis, for hours thinking about Oak Island. I think it drives my so insane because no one knows... Not even your typical sad nut job, the ones that devises all this theory's in his 57 year old mother house basement, who watches SciFi on TV and play W.O.W, has come out with anything. Which should make us all nervous. If they've got nothing, what chance do we have?

if you have 10 minutes to spar, why not take a peek huh? you don't need those extra hours of sleep. This is my favorite website for oak island. It truly boggles the mind.

I have already decided that if there is a Question and Answer hour is heaven, Oak island is my first I'll ask.

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