Thursday, July 23, 2009

Determining self esteem and worth with facebook.

There is an application of Facebook called Compare People. It is a cruel raking of what people secretly think of you.

I have won, or my highest rankings are:

-Best Dancer No clue how I swung that one.
-Most adventurous I know how I got that one, I have the curiosity of Lewis and Clark
-Funniest I'm just mean, but not enough to make you cry.

My lowest rating, or the categories I lost in are:

-Most Athletic
-Most Intelligent

Ohh come one people! I was on golf team for 3 years! I just don't enjoy the feeling of sweat. I can hold my own in the physical fitness department, thank you. For the "intelligent" side of this story. Your all ignorant pricks. I haven't attened school for over 2 years, yet, still helped 3 people last semester with finals, for classes I had never taken. I went to two schools at the same time for two years during high school. I would say I got the leg up on you low lifes and deserve a break. (I'm proving my self worth and rationalizing my inability to commit to a location and college.) I feel more educated than most of you uncultured animals, so lay off ya hear! Unintelligent, pshh, get real.

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