Monday, July 6, 2009

Utter success

I bought a cook book of muffin recipes. I have been trying them all out of course. I have been making so many lately, that in fact, I have ran out of ingredients.

For some reason unbeknownist to me, when the clock strikes 11 pm I have a sudden urge to bake. Not having a relationship to feed, a best friend like person, children that depend on me (they all moved home or left to exotic lands), or anyone to dote on and be a sugar momma to, we can safely say I have a plethora of muffins and baked good alike. Cooking for one is outrageously depressing, can i just state that. My roommate have been kind enough to eat my treats, and I'm glad for it. The extra intake of pastries is not on my wish list.

I needed to bake, so I went through ever recipe I had to see if I could make something out of it... to no avail. I was only one off on some of them, but I was not desperate enough to go out at 11 pm to get the missing link. I am scared to go out by myself after 10, hard to believe, I know. But I have a very vivid imagination, and some how the maintenance man who hits on me always ends up in
A) the back seat of my car.
B) under my car.
C) under the stairwell.
D) in the elevator service entrance that I park next to.
So if it can be avoided I opt out of night excursions.

I was determined to be like the cooks on Iron Chief, and make something up on the fly.

I honestly can say I'm not positive what I put into my muffins. I know the typical was there flour, butter, salt, eggs, and then I started to get ideas. YIKES. I put in the last bit of Irish Creme Hot Coco mix I had from Stephens. The I went and dumped the rest of the French Vanilla Coco in there too. I poured Sweet Cinnamon Maple Syrup in, then grabbed the Nutmeg and the freshly ground Cinnamon. No measurement were taken, it was like a mad scientist at work. All I can here in my head was from the 1985 classic "Better Off Dead," where in which the mother makes up a recipe as well.

"The recipe got wet in the rain and the pages ran together so I used my little creative mind and came up with some of the ingredients on my own. It's got raisins in it... you like raisins."

Mine did not have raisins in it, but I did swap out milk for whipping cream, and added in light brown sugar instead of the regular. that's all I can remember, I was just grabbing anything I had and was tossing it in, I feel like I have left some out. Well call those secret ingredients. To top it all off, we did a crumble top as the garnish.

They actually came out good! They are heavier than a muffin, more like a scone consistency, the crumble top was light, they rose beautifully. Dang it, I'm the next Martha Stewart! Next you'll be seeing my face on a K-mart cut out trying to hawk bath linens at you.

I'm thrilled with this new found talent for taste. Gaahhh, I wish someone would eat my labors, and confirm my abilities and future career as a pasty chief/ television personality and insider trader.


  1. give it a few weeks, and babs and i will be back to come over at 10 pm for an hour workout and 3 hours baking/bonding. oh how i miss those nights.

  2. answer to prayers. I was just telling my room mate about out arragement, free haircuts and baked goods, for a watered down virsion of a normal workout. perfection, oh and dont worrie, I have made 5 dozen batches since i've been back, im drowning in pasterys