Saturday, July 18, 2009

Let's burn some books!

I have recently acquired a Provo City library card! I naturally proceeded to try to check out some classics and maybe a few documentaries. Looked up "A Clockwork Orange" and "Scoop" neither of which they carried. Classic books both on the 100 Best Books of the Century list that I'm trying to get through that has been provided by New York Times. A bit alarmed at the censorship of a PUBLIC facility, I wasn't aware that it was 1933, I went to go look at the movies I could check out. My library at home is amazing and carries classic foreign films like the "Red Balloon," and "400 Blows," and some fantastic independent documentaries.

All I found was "How to be a Puppeteer," "Travel the World: Spain," "Travel the World: Istanbul," "Travel the World: Germany," "Travel the World: Idaho." Oh how did I forget, I will say more than 35% of all the DVD's were LDS affiliated, the rest were all Children's movies and or terrible PG movies, like "Jack Frost" and that one were Simbad is a genie. So I checked out "Who's afraid of Virgina Woolf?" and "The Dead Poets Society." They didn't even have a Friends of the Library story, in which all old books are sold for 50 cents. (My favorite thing ever is cheap books and or shoes.) Mind you this is a HUGE building, how can they not have anything of value in it??

This is a pathetic excuse for a city funded facility of information and knowledge. It is not there job to filter my choice of literature and media. So I had to go to SLC to get "Scoop," "A Clockwork Orange" was already checked out. Boooo. Thanks Kaeleigh F. for the useage of Libaray Card, I promise I will try to remember to return it on time.

On happier news, Ms. Forsyth and I shall be starting a colabration on a new Blog. DohertyWorld will be round the clock window into the beautiful and tragic, yet fasinating life of Peter Doherty. Look for it, because it is happening.


  1. hahaha i think nat and i need to help with doherty world. i have some insight on the cat front that could be of service.

  2. doherty world: your one-stop shop for all things pete doherty.