Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Subconscious mumbles.

I just woke up from a dream.

I had a friend who was mentally handy capped or crippled in some way. There was a famous mountain and it was names after her, it started with an "E." Kinda like a Mt. Rushmore. We lost her or, she disappeared purposely one day, and I found out she had been pushing all our friends down this famous mountain. She was wearing a purple shirt, and it was kinda a Sweeney Todd-equste monument. She sang as she pushed them over this barbed wire fence and I am assuming killed them. She put her explaination of "how she did it," to tune. She would take there picture right before, then shove them off. Then she showed us all these pictures, and one was of a child on this mountain and it was me. Her father was now here looking at the snapshot with us. He had a white beard. Then for some reason she put two pictures together to form one, large, panaramic picture. It was of a baby laying on the ground, and me, as a child, finding the baby. The plot thickened, and it seem to be a set up of sometype, that we became friends. I felt alarmed at this photograph. All the sudden, we all were at Japanese food. Then some one brought out a year book like thing and there was a pages of people who have gone to this mountain, and there was one page where my friend Wes was in it, he was sitting by himself on a bench and had kinda clam digger, like jeans on. Another page had my friends Charlie and Stevie, and 2 or 3 other guys I knew, they were sitting on the same bench but weren't looking at the camera. Hartley and some other girls were in a picture as well but they were standing. I wanted to be there, but this mountain was a secret of some sort or you had to make a jorney or treck to it. Plus, my friend, apperantly, was a murderer.
The dream jumped to my kitchen, all our light bulls were out accept one. I got this red flood lamp to bring into the kitchen so I could make pancakes. My friend called and was upset that I didn't go over there to make breakfast like I previously promised? It all had a very creepy feel to it. Then I gave up but I left the burner on down stairs with nothing on it, and went to my room.

I awoke.

Decipher please.

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