Sunday, August 23, 2009

Acoustic Wander Fancy

Spent the weekend in Big Cottonwood Canyon. My dear friend invited me to his family's fantastic cabin in Solitude.
Nothing can ever go wrong while you're in a hand built lodged in the most fantastic setting you could possibly imagine. Some pretty exciting things happened this weekend.
-I claimed 2nd place in the 3 hour Foosball tournament.
-Talked some people into playing "Word Association" with me. (it's and extremely telling game that I contrived one fateful day. You would be so lucky to be invited to participate. There was some covertly kinky people mixed in the bunch, always the ones you would never suspect.)
-We also played ping pong.
-I BBQ'ed for everyone (9 of us).
-Consumed an entire sleeve of fudge stripped cookies.
-Listened to some good music, since everyone that was there, excluding myself, was incredibly talented musically and are all currently in a band.
-Got to sleep in bunk beds, woke up to a Woodpecker out side the window.
-Ate some great french toast.
-Played an impossible game of LDS trivial pursuit, these questions we're outlandish and obscure. I found it extremely interesting, it was called "Jots and Tittles." New life goal is to know everything contained in that games repertoire.

After all this wild and crazy fun, we went to wander through the forest for 4 hours. It was beautiful and perfect weather, it just rained, my favorite time.
We went to Silver Lake to go play on a world renowned "Disc Golf Course." We affectionately call this sport "Frolfing" Frisbee-Golfing. You play on the slopes of Solitude Ski Resort and its the same concept as traditional golf, just insanely harder. I never got better than a 6 on a par 3. I was worthless at this sport. Oh, and when I say sport, I am implying that it is professionally ranked of course.
Caitlyn Watson has a bad hip, and I was in dire need of resting facility's, so we decided to leave the clan and venture off to get lost in the woods. Almost did actually, but my natural ability to find safe haven, lead us in the correct direction. We had to walk down this mammoth size mountain. Remember, we are on ski slopes, and we were at the very tippy top of this mountain, we walked quite aways. The feeling of cleverly escaping the grasp of the Nazi's, while climbing over the Swiss Alpes with the Vontrap Family Singers, came over me. I was in Paradise. I stopped to pick flowers, sang at the top of my lungs "The hills are alive with the sound of music," then slipped and fell once. Near the bottom, we realized we were walking down the middle of the last hole, and about 50 spectators with binoculars have been observing our every move. Oop's.
Apparently this is the PDGA Open today, and we stopped the entire Tours game because we meander through. It is against PDGA rules to continue playing till all "non players" are safely removed from the course, then you can proceed.
This is a real thing, we talked to this man who flew in from France for the Open. 1st place winner was 22 under par. The record for one round was 10 under par on an 18 hole. They dressed up country club style, and had sponsors and everything. Who would have ever known this underground disc golfing circuit ever existed. They even had spotter dogs to help them locate rouge Frisbee's.
Check it out, their logo is to die for.

We listened to Josh Ritter all weekend and this is my favorite, thus far.

Thank you Mark Garbett and Caitlyn Watson for havin me. It was a splendid time.

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