Monday, August 3, 2009

I don't want you, don't you see that?

Subject: Looking foor a new life... with you
from:chia henderson

I love to spennd time with my friends, listen to beautiful music and
to dance, because from childhood I have been involved in the world of
dancing and music art. I amm very attentive, very romantic, very
passionate and very sexual: I like to go in for sports and always hold
the body in tone! And similarly I am a woman who still hopes to find
the real man and build with him relations and reeal strong family! I
have known love, but was betrayed by that love, now I look foor
someone to fill the void. II am a sweet, caring, very attractive
woman; I can make your dreams come true. I am very independent and I
will understand your feelings and your needs

I have received another email from longing lovers. I don't quite get how they keep finding me. All my junk and unwanted mail goes to the designated "spam" folder so I don't have to trifle with such nonsense. Some how these keep bi passing the trashcan and leave me puzzled and curious.
If this continues, I will have no choice for I could deny it no longer. I must start meeting these individuals and keep a secret camera near by. Records will be needed of these meetings. I will need to in list the help of some video-able volunteers, a sound mic is be needed as well. You need to be discreet and professional. All submitals and applications will be carefully screened. Your compensation will be discussed after your services have been rendered. Trades are most likely to be used. If you are not a fan of the bartering system, don't waste my time.

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