Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Are you Pentecostal?"

I was asked this question at 1 AM by the cashier at CVS. Not being familiar with the term, I didn't know how to respond. I stared blankly at him, he continued. "You have long hair and a long dress, that how Pentecostals dress." "no, I'm just buying cough drops and pushpins." He also works at Ralphs, the Super Market next door. But this is besides the point.

I go to Museums and or, galleries every Saturday. I do this for a viewing and discussion class I'm currantly enrolled in. Our last one was Bergamont Station in Santa Monica. Let me say it was one of the most enjoyable days I can remember. Regardless if I was pulled over and harassed by a cop for 30 minutes, got lost on my way back, and my ipod was dead for the entiertie of the trip. The plus side is, I didn't get a ticket, apparently the 10 runs into the 5 so i made it home after all, and I found out what CD's I had in my car.
1- year old Mix CD
2- Techno CD I received as a wedding favor, (danke Rachael & Babs)
3- Combination French album, its great
4- Newer Mix CD
5- The Poises- Frosting on the Beater
6- The Cranberries gold album, Disc 1 (obviously i went though a 90's stage)

The most exciting thing I saw at Bergamont was some prints from Richard C. Miller.
Hand developed, exquisite photographs. There is something about film photography that gets me. I prefer film. I always have. Something about it you cant get with digital. Please don't think im naive enough to make the assumption 'film is harder, I'm truly not that dumb, (though the evidence would say other wise.) Nore am I bashing digital. I am aware of the lengthy and extremely involved processes of digital production, I have never appemted such, me and technology aren't on the best of terms. Yet with film there is just a richness you don't see anywhere else, it's a labor of love to hand process. It isn't instant gratification. I'll stop now, I haven't actually taken any pictures in years. Digital 2 years, Manuel 4 years. I think something poignant and life-altering must have happened to me about those times, I just cant put my finger on it.

The first one is my favorite, but I also like the one with james shooting (Im a fan of candid, but maybe that because im interestingly camera shy now. something must have happened to me. I jsut like to see people in the moment, not possing or trying to give off an impression because they think they are being forever immortalized in a picture. I want to see people as they are.) & if you couldn't tell the girl with the mousey hair in the wedding dress is Marilyn Monroe pre-nose job and platinum blonde. Most people don't know she got some work done, she was nothing really special if ya ask me. I'm a Jayne Mansfield kinda gal myself.

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