Saturday, April 17, 2010

"I'm bored with it all"

Those are the last words of Winston Churchill.

I have the urge to show up to the airport with no bags just a book and some money and go on an vision quest. why doesn't someone just ask me
"hey, you got anything going on tomorrow?"
"mmm, not that I can think of. You?"
"nahh, wanna see how far we can drive and what we'll find when we get there?"
"sure do."

that would be the end of it. Get some jugs of water, a bag of grapes or some clementines and see what happens.


  1. Indeed, it would be great to stop planning and just hit the road. There’s this old proverb that says “Too much planning could lead to an end so disappointing.” Being bored is good in some situations since it drives the will to make something out of nothing. This post not only interests packer but movers Nebraska as well. Thanks for sharing these thoughts.