Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nocturnal Babble

I have reoccurring dreams of meeting Peter Doherty?
Last night for some reason I was in a chauffered, white, mini van and Pete was taking a stroll through the countryside. I opened the sliding door and talked with him for quite some time while the car was going no faster than a crawl. Finally he grabbed my hand and came inside the van and sat on my lap. We joked, and he told me wild stories and all his most interesting excursions. Then said...
"I'd be crushed if I couldn't see you every day, you should move in with me so that wont happen."
So called me mum he reply was:
" your free to do as you please. But if you are moving to England, we are moving to France. It's only fair."
Last thing I remember was i was laying in the middle of the floor and he was reading to me from his chair.

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