Friday, April 16, 2010

mental pollution

i dont like cars all to much. its just a mean to get around.
i prefer to talk in the dark, people are more honest in the dark.
i dislike how frequantly i have to utilize technology. It's over whelming to be able to contact some one instantaniously.
i will never live in a "planned Community" or track home. I politely refuse.
My future children with be encougared to wear what ever they want, i did, and i think i came out jsut fine. (i have a color wheel consisting of 4 hues and shades, but everythign goes with everything, thus not having to think when i am already late to something. there is a method to the madness.)
I love the home I am in currantly.
i am worried about owning a home some day because i like the opption to just get up and go where i please. but i guess i am never gone for to long, so it would be nice to have somewhere to come back too.
i should be much more acomplished for my age i think.
Apperantly I was mentally 27 last year. I feel regression has taken hold though.
I am a selective perfectionist.
I like to go to cultural festivals and events, no matter how obscuer they are.
i'm not sure why i have a blog, i tell no one of it, i honestly write things to remember later, or to post pictures so i can free up space on my hard drive by deleting them afterwords.
recantly, an epiphany of truth made me cry unexplainably, while driving. this made me think i had a tumor pressing on my Prefrontal Cortex.
I have been useing the words Fasade, Wise, Flounder, Naturally, and Interesting far to much. I'm on a loop, i need some variety as of late.
i think the human body is a wonder.
i would love to go to anywhere, suddenly.
i work out most my problems by having long indepth conversations with myself. It's saved my sanity, im positive of it.
im fantastic at memorizing.
i have filled my head with inconsiqunecail knowlage, now haveing to carrie this useless information around with me, i feel like i could have done something better with my time.
Most my dreams really do come true. wouldn't it be great if I had some interesting ones someday.
I'm living below my potentail. i feel with the people I know, and have contact with, i should have been somebody by now. i really dropped the ball.
I dont drink soda. I dont think you should either. ask me why.
I have been known to wear wigs in public and like it, if your not on board with that, its your problem.
I can't think of anything I can't do. I can think of plenty i haven't tried, but nothing I cant do persay. that sounds cocky, i know. i jsut dont get discouraged easily.
I love black and white films.
Lighting is esential to create mood and ambiance. if you dont understand the concept and realtionship of lighting to atmosphere, you need to hit the books.
i was born in the wrong era. officially.
I laugh/ giggel hystarically when im nervous.
I love fortune cookies, and keep most all my fortunes.
I have elabratly planned a stunt to pull on my furture children. only my husband shall know about it and it will columate with my accutual death and the recieving of a key found in my saftey deposite box.
Some day I want to have a news ariticle done about my life, an obituary doesn't count.
Any one of these "flash thoughts" could be turned into a three hour conversation. Easily.
In all honestly, there is no point to this, you can quiet reading this garbage.
I rarely invite people into my bedroom. thats where i keep all the things i hold dear, its like a jornal on display. you have to be someone of great value to me to ever be invited to sit in my room. many have glanced or peeked, rare and few have been aloud to explore.
rambel . rammble rambell. rambbel.. rambel
I didn't spell check this one, can you tell?

if you want to do this with me, well get along jsut fine.


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  2. I think the best is your interpretation of "inconsiqunecail." Just... wow. *slow clap*

  3. so i take it you noticed the abscence of the tool "spell check." can't get a damn thing by you Forsyth. good eye