Friday, April 30, 2010

Another Nude Show

The Andrews Sister- Bei mir bist du schoen... A key note in my youth.

Monday, April 26, 2010

it's almost like alchemy

Reminiscing highlights.

MT: So what we doing tonight guys?
JB: Well, I've got a surprise for Val.
VB: Really?!
JB: (pulling out a DVD) Can you say Savage Garden in concert, Australia.?
MT: *sigh

KF: He put a PCP pipe in her.
MT: PVC pipe?
KF: Shut up, never mention this again.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I don't feel completely modern.

You want to go to here. (if your cued up on you're television pop culture, you'll get the reference.) Biarritz, France.

Selling points:
-Do you like history?
-Are you fond of France?
-Take pleasure in the country of Spain?
-Get a kick out of surfing?
-Adore sleepy beach towns?
-Like not doing anything but enjoy yourself?
-Delight in filling your gullet with marvelous food, specifically of the aquatic nature?
-Have a ball in Europe in general?

What to do?
Hit the Beach. A day of watching beautiful people strutting and sunning along the Grande Plage, Biarritz’s main city beach, is a must, but for the best surfing action, hit the wilder Côte des Basques beach.

Tapas Time. Dine on Spanish tapas and oysters at the lively Bar Jean, across from the market halls and a Biarritz institution since the 1930s.

Seafood with a View. Hit the Vieux Port (old port) to see fishermen haul in their catch. Feast on fresh mussels at one of the cute cafes facing the sea.

Road Trip. The nearby Basque towns of Bayonne and St. Jean de Luz are perfect day trip destinations, and the culture and foodie bastion of San Sebastian is within easy striking distance too.

Historical facts:
Long before Biarritz became a popular surfing spot for Europeans in search of endless summer, Napoleon III (nephew to the original Bonaparte) gifted Empress Eugenia with this palatial resort on the town’s rugged coastline. What was once the royal couple’s summertime love nest now draws an international set of pleasure seekers for a quintessential and sophisticated European beach holiday in the southwest of France, just north of the Spanish border.
Built in 1855, the Hôtel du Palais was the Versailles of the coast. (swanky hotel that i want to spend just one night in, then some shanty hotel the rest. I like shady Establishments. why spend that kinda money? you just sleep there.)
click on the pictures, apparently they are to big. I could fix this, but ill pass.


Miss Magnesium Lamp

learnings of the week.

Apache Indians are cocky.
Greg is an avid reader of Vanity Fair, he apparently always has been.
Museums are heavenly.
I live with Norma Desmund.
When I die I will have to pay for the things I have done, like watching "Singing in the Rain." its indecent & I'm going to burn for it.
"If it was 1950's, you'd be a knock out," declared a 70-something gentleman I met in a cafe in Pasadena. I still don't know his name, but we bonded over our equal love for Rosemary Clooney.
I can use a sewing machine decently.
Verbal sparing partners are hard to come by.
I don't enjoy the feeling of havingbutterflies. I fidget.
The color orange isn't half bad.
Hudson has high aspirations. "I want to be the "Little Dancing Man" when I grow up. I would have to grow a beard, become a ginger and gain 60 pounds, but I could do it."
Arthur Lyman is the greatest of them all.
I really want to subscribe to the International Journal Of Psychoanalyst, just for my own amusement.
Lacking the ability to create music is my greatest failure thus far. Not doing half bad I guess.
Boston & New York in June; equals, cant wait.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nocturnal Babble

I have reoccurring dreams of meeting Peter Doherty?
Last night for some reason I was in a chauffered, white, mini van and Pete was taking a stroll through the countryside. I opened the sliding door and talked with him for quite some time while the car was going no faster than a crawl. Finally he grabbed my hand and came inside the van and sat on my lap. We joked, and he told me wild stories and all his most interesting excursions. Then said...
"I'd be crushed if I couldn't see you every day, you should move in with me so that wont happen."
So called me mum he reply was:
" your free to do as you please. But if you are moving to England, we are moving to France. It's only fair."
Last thing I remember was i was laying in the middle of the floor and he was reading to me from his chair.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Eye gifts from Pedro

One of the most enjoyable movies I have seen as late. I walked away from it with a grin from ear to ear.

I dream of finding a "Count" of my own. throw in a little Royal T. in the mix & you have got yourself the ideal man.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

"I'm bored with it all"

Those are the last words of Winston Churchill.

I have the urge to show up to the airport with no bags just a book and some money and go on an vision quest. why doesn't someone just ask me
"hey, you got anything going on tomorrow?"
"mmm, not that I can think of. You?"
"nahh, wanna see how far we can drive and what we'll find when we get there?"
"sure do."

that would be the end of it. Get some jugs of water, a bag of grapes or some clementines and see what happens.

Friday, April 16, 2010

mental pollution

i dont like cars all to much. its just a mean to get around.
i prefer to talk in the dark, people are more honest in the dark.
i dislike how frequantly i have to utilize technology. It's over whelming to be able to contact some one instantaniously.
i will never live in a "planned Community" or track home. I politely refuse.
My future children with be encougared to wear what ever they want, i did, and i think i came out jsut fine. (i have a color wheel consisting of 4 hues and shades, but everythign goes with everything, thus not having to think when i am already late to something. there is a method to the madness.)
I love the home I am in currantly.
i am worried about owning a home some day because i like the opption to just get up and go where i please. but i guess i am never gone for to long, so it would be nice to have somewhere to come back too.
i should be much more acomplished for my age i think.
Apperantly I was mentally 27 last year. I feel regression has taken hold though.
I am a selective perfectionist.
I like to go to cultural festivals and events, no matter how obscuer they are.
i'm not sure why i have a blog, i tell no one of it, i honestly write things to remember later, or to post pictures so i can free up space on my hard drive by deleting them afterwords.
recantly, an epiphany of truth made me cry unexplainably, while driving. this made me think i had a tumor pressing on my Prefrontal Cortex.
I have been useing the words Fasade, Wise, Flounder, Naturally, and Interesting far to much. I'm on a loop, i need some variety as of late.
i think the human body is a wonder.
i would love to go to anywhere, suddenly.
i work out most my problems by having long indepth conversations with myself. It's saved my sanity, im positive of it.
im fantastic at memorizing.
i have filled my head with inconsiqunecail knowlage, now haveing to carrie this useless information around with me, i feel like i could have done something better with my time.
Most my dreams really do come true. wouldn't it be great if I had some interesting ones someday.
I'm living below my potentail. i feel with the people I know, and have contact with, i should have been somebody by now. i really dropped the ball.
I dont drink soda. I dont think you should either. ask me why.
I have been known to wear wigs in public and like it, if your not on board with that, its your problem.
I can't think of anything I can't do. I can think of plenty i haven't tried, but nothing I cant do persay. that sounds cocky, i know. i jsut dont get discouraged easily.
I love black and white films.
Lighting is esential to create mood and ambiance. if you dont understand the concept and realtionship of lighting to atmosphere, you need to hit the books.
i was born in the wrong era. officially.
I laugh/ giggel hystarically when im nervous.
I love fortune cookies, and keep most all my fortunes.
I have elabratly planned a stunt to pull on my furture children. only my husband shall know about it and it will columate with my accutual death and the recieving of a key found in my saftey deposite box.
Some day I want to have a news ariticle done about my life, an obituary doesn't count.
Any one of these "flash thoughts" could be turned into a three hour conversation. Easily.
In all honestly, there is no point to this, you can quiet reading this garbage.
I rarely invite people into my bedroom. thats where i keep all the things i hold dear, its like a jornal on display. you have to be someone of great value to me to ever be invited to sit in my room. many have glanced or peeked, rare and few have been aloud to explore.
rambel . rammble rambell. rambbel.. rambel
I didn't spell check this one, can you tell?

if you want to do this with me, well get along jsut fine.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Are you Pentecostal?"

I was asked this question at 1 AM by the cashier at CVS. Not being familiar with the term, I didn't know how to respond. I stared blankly at him, he continued. "You have long hair and a long dress, that how Pentecostals dress." "no, I'm just buying cough drops and pushpins." He also works at Ralphs, the Super Market next door. But this is besides the point.

I go to Museums and or, galleries every Saturday. I do this for a viewing and discussion class I'm currantly enrolled in. Our last one was Bergamont Station in Santa Monica. Let me say it was one of the most enjoyable days I can remember. Regardless if I was pulled over and harassed by a cop for 30 minutes, got lost on my way back, and my ipod was dead for the entiertie of the trip. The plus side is, I didn't get a ticket, apparently the 10 runs into the 5 so i made it home after all, and I found out what CD's I had in my car.
1- year old Mix CD
2- Techno CD I received as a wedding favor, (danke Rachael & Babs)
3- Combination French album, its great
4- Newer Mix CD
5- The Poises- Frosting on the Beater
6- The Cranberries gold album, Disc 1 (obviously i went though a 90's stage)

The most exciting thing I saw at Bergamont was some prints from Richard C. Miller.
Hand developed, exquisite photographs. There is something about film photography that gets me. I prefer film. I always have. Something about it you cant get with digital. Please don't think im naive enough to make the assumption 'film is harder, I'm truly not that dumb, (though the evidence would say other wise.) Nore am I bashing digital. I am aware of the lengthy and extremely involved processes of digital production, I have never appemted such, me and technology aren't on the best of terms. Yet with film there is just a richness you don't see anywhere else, it's a labor of love to hand process. It isn't instant gratification. I'll stop now, I haven't actually taken any pictures in years. Digital 2 years, Manuel 4 years. I think something poignant and life-altering must have happened to me about those times, I just cant put my finger on it.

The first one is my favorite, but I also like the one with james shooting (Im a fan of candid, but maybe that because im interestingly camera shy now. something must have happened to me. I jsut like to see people in the moment, not possing or trying to give off an impression because they think they are being forever immortalized in a picture. I want to see people as they are.) & if you couldn't tell the girl with the mousey hair in the wedding dress is Marilyn Monroe pre-nose job and platinum blonde. Most people don't know she got some work done, she was nothing really special if ya ask me. I'm a Jayne Mansfield kinda gal myself.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Let's Get Directions

I ventured to South Coast Mall. I don't particularly enjoy going to this gold paved, mecca of all haute couture. It's one of those places where you have to get dressed up to go shopping, which today I didn't. Looks and glances from the passing bourgeoisie patrons were hinting that I shouldn't have made it past the velvet ropes into the Emerald City. This place would be incredible if the money tree in your backyard was in full bloom. But alas, the winter was harsh and my currency fern is in the ICU indefinitely. I had a conversation today with an Employee of H&M about where to find men's clothing, I was in the 'all woman store' of H&M, they have two at this mall. Yes, "separate but equal" is still in full swing.
This is our conversation, verbatim.....

Moi- Excuse me, where is the Men's H&M?

Employee- Sigh* Ok, it can get a little tricky. You go out of the store to your left, make sure you go past the Crystal Court, and then over the Bridge of the Gardens, to South Coast Home and its on the 3rd Level.

Moi- So this Crystal Court you mentioned, how will i know when I find it?

Employee- Oh, Because its not the Carousel Court, if you are by the Carousel Court your way off, but that's full of Balloons, not crystals. they are kinda hard to get mixed up.

Moi- If I get lost I'll ask the white rabbit. (I was mocking Alice in Wonderland there, since his description of the landscape of this mall was so outlandish, and that was the last movie I saw in theaters. I didn't like Alice in Wonderland. But it was decided by all that the Cheshire Cat's coloring was marvelous. Clearly the Employee didn't catch on.)

Employee- Oh, I'm sorry, the white rabbit only comes here seasonally for the kids at Easter, you miss him by a week. So sorry!

Moi- Looks like I'm on my own then.

Employee- Good Luck!

To shorten this story, I made it, quite a trek though. I grabbed a mall directory, yep they print theirs out here, and there was a Jewel Court not a 'Crystal Court.' The Bridge of the Gardens in which was completely covered by assortments of different flowers, a literal floating garden in the sky. the legitstics of this intrigued me for some time. how did they manage to factor in the water weight for the foliage? wonder how much give this bridge has to offer, where would be the safest place to be on a bridge in an earthquake, blah blah blahh. The Bridge of the Gardens crosses over a 8 lane, high traffic road and into another smaller mall that I have dedicated The Man Cave. This smaller mall was more geared towards the men folk, and men oriented stores. plus the spill over that doesn't fit in the major mall, but if you need to get back to the main event, all you need to do is go "up the airy mountain, down the rushy glen"...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Please, no miracles

I regret not taking the heeded advice to watch "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly." It was superb to say the least.

Monday, April 5, 2010

I can see where this is leading to.

"But sometimes when I'm being naughty, I'm really having fun."- Kenneth, my 3 year old cousin.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

into the imagined forest

happy Easter all. let's celebrate fertility by over eating Reese's peanutbutter shaped eggs