Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Binary code is the Devil's short hand

Another line from some random dream I had. It should be the title of something.

Things I discovered this week;

My subconscious plagiarizes J.R.R. Tolkien.
My favorite Andy Warhol is "Telephone."
Dreams are something to be listened too.
I relate to the 1940's-60's.
My inner dialog needs to be nicer.
I am envious of Shanna & Greg. they are smashing together and I long to be just like them.
Word on the street is that the house will be all mine this summer.
I might buy a 1969 Yamaha 125 tomorrow. that depends on if it runs.
I want to go ride a horse.
I need more outdoor camping experiences under my belt. two times isn't cutting it.
As a child we never went to amusement parks or water parks. we went to famous cemeteries, museums, libraries, monuments, land marks, and parades. It explains a lot.
Chivaly is not dead. never let it die.
Hiding your motives is despicable. never do it.
exactly one week ill be free to do as i please, once again.
focusing is not my strong point.
I need to get up to Skylight Book store to go buy my book. I just dont want to pay for shipping.
I'm cheap, the P.C. term is frugel. Its the best way to live.
I love watching my large collection of VHS's late at night.
This summer will be one of great decisions. and hopfully adventures

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