Saturday, May 1, 2010

Comments in public

The following are comments I have over-heard, and quickly jotted them down in my hello kitty note book (if you have an issue with a grown woman affliated with hello kitty, we have some issues to work out.). Let me share a few zingers with you.

in a gallery at Bergamont Station Santa Monica
"Looks like a deranged cat threw up. How could you call this art?" (spoken while standing next to the curator who hand selected the exhibit.)

At MOLAA Long Beach. It was a performance art piece shown on a TV. split screen it was a room full of wooden tables in all different sizes are being moved about from a nude man on the ground. you could see the man under the tables, and get an over view of the tables being moved.
" Why is there a naked man crawling around on the floor moving tables like Tetris?"
" Well as I see it, the tables are the geometric world as we know it, and us, man, are free form. We have no strait lines, thus its the struggle to survive and fit in a rigged world." (by standered)
"But am I supposed to see his balls? That not supposed to happen."

Woman on the phone in the West Wing of the Getty, in front of Laurence Alam-Tadema's 1846 Spring
"Hello? Hello?..... yes, I called earlier because my areola was bleeding this morning. I think I might have rubbed it to hard when I got out of the shower....(listening).... well I can't look now, I'm at the Getty. It was bout a quarter size of blood on my shirt..(listening)... Well how is Chapstick gonna help me?" Insert Museum usher to ask her to stand on the terrace if she had to continue this conversation, I'm shocked it took him that long say something.

Bergamont Station Santa Monica.
"This picture makes me think of that smell in your car after you have a quickie in the back seat"

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