Monday, May 3, 2010

enter the enchanters domain

Stumbled across this music review, not gonna disclose what band it was for. let your mind wander.

"______________ began in 2004 as the solo musical project of ___________.It is everything weird that you barely rehash from childhood memory. It is like watching America’s Wildest Police Chases. It’s like finding Garbage Pale Kid’s Cards with hypodermic needle holes in them, or stumbling on a dead dog in a trashbag. It’s about winning five dollars jumping the neighborhood ramp on a janky bmx. It’s about feeling mystic."

Rekindled thoughts of the deathtrap, tree house in my grandmas backyard. Christened the "Rocket ship," it was crafted out of angry defiance with weathered, discarded wood and nails confirmed to cause Tetanus. Shaped into a minature silo, it sat about 3 feet off the ground on stilts & was a health code nightmare. My uncles friend, of questionable background and motives, secretly moved into the rocket ship when he became homeless. He would come into the house after everyone would leave for work and take clean shirts out of the dryer to wear. Only after 3+ weeks, was he discovered and ran off the premise.

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