Saturday, May 1, 2010

Wreckless courage

"You only live once."
I was raised with that motto ringing though my miniature ears. regardless of how irrelevant it was to my life, I was told never miss a opportunity or event if it was a "one time" thing. Clearly having disregarded these teachings, (exhibit A; my life,) It's time to make the 'rents' happy. Make good on my failed attempt to uphold the catchphrase of my heritage. I am going to consider entering a Motorally Scramble. This is contingent on if I can find a bike fitting all race requirements, under 200 $, by June 5th.

I might also enter the Pinup Pageant. I'm predicting: Oger-like shebikers 20+ lb's over weight, cover in bad tattoo's, trying to hard to be rockabilly. I may stand a chance. To be in the Scramble its a 40 $ entry free. and all bike have to be year 75 or older. It's apparently going to be super mellow on a Vintage dirt track they just finished building in Elsinore. If worse comes to worse and I cant find a junkie Endro to ride, I might go tandem with my friend. Now that would be a site. I have my outfit more or less worked out. I'm wearing some Japanese Fighter Pilot goggles (ebay), a black velvet equestrian riding helmet(secret antique store), hand made English black leather Riding boots(thrift store), and a Farragamo Scarf (Paris travels) the rest shall be a surprise.
What I'm more excited about is that we will be camping over night, so we are setting up a LUXURY TENT! Its gonna be filled with pursain rugs, a record player, cotts, and the gents that invited me can play some descant music, so ill be entertained for hours. Think Mountain Man Rendezvous meets Mad Max.
Uber thrilled for this, all in all, I'm gonna be secretly dressed to the nines surrounded by hessians. let the Insanity ensue.

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