Saturday, April 4, 2009

Goals for the near furture.

I like puppies. They need me, they want me, they love me. This street goes two ways, I need them, I want them, I luff them. In the near future I shall be acquiring a k-9. I have already picked out there names, and the type, it goes a follows:

Frederik and Dieter

Boris and Natasha


I was told last night that you can get a note from a shrink claiming you need a animal as a comforting creature. Then you can show said note to your landlord and be aloud to have one live with you. HUZZZAAAAHHHH! I am in complete distress and need to psychobabble myself into ownership of a living animal as soon as possible. Its on my to do list.

If I never get married, I will dedicate my life till I achieve this woman's greatness

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