Friday, April 10, 2009

It was just a Thursday

None of us wanted to go home, so then what you ask. Trespass onto the skate park. Say no more... We dinked around outside till about 3 and I got o bed around 4. I forget how much I love doing absolutely nothing, and how fun it is to watch the kids skate. One of the guys gave me his shoes (I was still hoofing it in the pumps) and I did the best I could trying to skate in Chuck Taylor flippers. This simple act has rekindled a want for a skateboard so I won't look so sad trying to do the most basic of skating fundamentals. So of course I would look to buy such an item. I feel like we have some contenders.

the picture is tiny sorry. It's a woman nurseing her child and there are cherubs in the clouds and standing by her. I approve.

I honestly think im going to buy this one. I love "the reader."

I would buy this Chinese woman deck in a heart beat. I starts are 5,395 clams though. I'll need to save my penny's and sell my soul before I will ever own this

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