Thursday, April 9, 2009

Solute to Paltrow

Gwyneth is, nice, and sweet, and sorta always there. I have never really follower her before, but what I have found has changed my perception. I'm digging it a bit, let me explain.

For one, she is wearing her hair like I do 64% of the time. Granted it looks a bit cleaner, but I count it.

Duex. we all know how I feel about shoes, and these are the cream of the crop.

3) She is the a fabulous Margot in my favorite movie.

Quatro, she dresses bomb, or at least to me. Again notice the shoes. I love the blue/gray/black hues we got going on( I haven't seen here wear any patterns.) Then the awesome purse. mmmm, yes please.

Fifth, porcelain skin that she's rockin.

rocko- This is just great, there is nothing else to say.

She just might have flown under my radar because she isn't plastered all over TMZ. But I'm liking what I'm seeing so far.

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