Thursday, April 2, 2009

Let me just rant for a minute or so

Being a sucker for gimmicks, showmanship, and included in every marketing target audiences, can be dangerous. One thing I never fall for is Skin care adds. I have a small amount of back round in being educated in this field (about two years, that's two more than you so listen up), and I need to share my wealth of knowledge with you.

Let me explain something, this is your skin.

Nothing drives me more crazy than the anti-winkle adds. Anti-winkle and anti-ageing products claim to reduce wrinkles and stop the ageing process.

So here's the problems with lotions, magic tonics, miracle creams, and pixie dust. All of it is a fraud. The molecules in these so called, wonder potions, are all to big to ever penetrate your skin causing results to occur. The pores on your skin protect you from the eliminates. Instead of having gaping Orpheus all over your body, that could let in infection, bacteria, and all other hazardous material, we have a natural fort Knox system going on....

"But dear Kenna, I get black heads, and acne, so your lying."
Stop talking you ignorant swine, and let me educate you.

Black Heads start as White heads, which are block pores. Blocked pores mean something is plugging and or stopping your natural production or sebum ( the sebum is the oil in your skin) from escaping, so we all need a GOOOD exfoliaint at least once a week to clean house. I'll come back to the huge importance of a good scrub down later on. Anyways, your skin gets angry, and pushes this blockage towards the surface, it oxygenates and turns into your lovely black head. TA DAAAA! Bactria, on the other hand is small enough to get into your skin and ruin your life and make you crawl into a cave, and be pointed at in a subway by a 12 year old, personal story.

So recap- Pore to small, snake oil to big...

" But dear Kenna, how can they sell something that doesn't work? They give me statics and clinical research to prove that my sagging skin will be like a new born's rear again, you must be lying."
Wrong again princess, now shut your trap.

The way these things work is through hydration, these so called, skin saviors in a jar, only plump your skin. They will give you some results, but not what you think they are, and not close to what they promise. Same is true for the Cologen Facials everyone is raving about. IT DOESN'T WORK! All these products do is plumped your winkles into oblivion as long as you keep up with it,and keep shelling out the dough for it. They sit on top of your thirsty skin, because 83% of us, I included, don't drink as much water as we should, which directly effects your skin. So there is a tiny grain of truth to it. You will not be, "Turning back the clock," "Beating the Battle Against Age," or "Defying Mother Natural,." You will be Defying all logic and common sense if you purchase anything from these money grubbing quacks.

Now on with the show! Beauty is pain, and we do some of the dumbest stuff in the name of vanity.

Need I say more?

"But Dearest Kenna, I saw on TV that Botox is the latest and the greatest! Everyone is doing it, Its the messiah of of perfect skin. It's got to work, so your lying to me."
Do use all a favor and tie your tubes, while i shed some light on this wonder drug.

Botox is a brand name for Botulinum Toxin A, a poisonous bacterium that causes botulism and, in large doses, can be fatal. Now when we all shoot up this stuff, it is highly diluted so no worries there. Botox is meant to iron out the wrinkles, and this one does work since it can break the skin barrier(it's applied with a needle). Injections are not permanent and will only last up to about 4 months, and on average can cost around 400 big ones. Now, who are the lucky winners who get this treatment?

"For wrinkles caused by smoking, sun exposure or the natural aging process, Botox is unlikely to help. "One of the problems created by all the publicity is the wide spectrum of patients clamoring for the procedure, many of whom aren't candidates for it,"

Too much Botox in the wrong area can create distortions ranging from droopy eyelids and raised brows to loss of facial expression. The phenomenon of "Botox parties." At homes and hotels, providers are dispensing the shots to Rich and Beautiful people at a set price for groups. Maintaining the sterility of needles in any settings is a large problem. The patients who have ingested alcohol (aka the mommy's who like to party like there 21 again, and drink like there 18) tend to bleed more, potentially delivering the drug to unintended locations.

We in the bizz call this "floating Botox" and you look like a fool when it happens.

So now, lets talk about my favorite skin procedure ever.... MICRODERMABRASION!

Microdermabrasion does wonders, It's a jack of all trades really, it can help to remove sun-damaged skin, remove or lessen scars and dark spots on the skin, helps with stretch marks. It can also help, oily, and dry skin, acne pron, or black head magnetic such as myself, and can totally improve and resurface your complexion, plus it makes your skin glowing and radiant. This is defiantly not a one trick pony.

It's really kinda like a sandblaster for your face, but if you have any of the above problems, this will be your answer. In conjunction with chemical peels (not half as frighting as it sounds) I personally have seen miracles worked. It removes multiple layers of dead skin cells, the kind that blocks your pores, causing your white and black heads, it also brings your acne to the surface to help start the healing process. Acne is cause by bacteria and once it is exposed to oxygen, the bacteria can not survive in an environment and dies, then the healing beings.

Now if this ain't in your budget, don't you fret lil darlin. A good exfoliating scrub will be just fine. Not to gritty though, to rough wont help you lil lady. It will cause tiny scratches in your skin good healthy skin, while shedding the bad build up. So take it easy. Even if the bottle says safe for everyday use, do it ever other tops, I wait two. We all need to at least once a week in general. And wash your pillow case's reguraly. While you wash your face before you go to sleep, your pillow holds on to all the old body soil from weeks before. Laying your head down in a sest pool for 6-8 hours a night doesn't help your even skin tone and texture to much.

I'm done ranting, and wasting your time. I just felt the need to put my two cents in about skin care... I wont do it again I promise. Thank you for still talking to me after this

AND SCENE * take bow.

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